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Hey! My name's Quinn, and I'm a portrait photographer based out of Seattle, Washington.
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Hey! I'm Quinn and I'm a Seattle based portrait photographer. I've been working and grinding to find new ways and ideas for photography. Running into issues or not finding the correct type of models etc etc...So far I’ve had decent luck lately and this photo by far to me not only expresses my photography but the way YOU can inspire others to go outside their comfort zones and push themselves to try new inspiring poses or do artsy work and more!I want to inspire others around my area and the world. I want to make a change and help others view life in a much different way, negative and positive. My life, as of many, so far hasn’t been easy but it hasn’t nearly been hard yet. There is so much to us and our careers to where we want to go that will change the way we view ourselves and the direction of our life.I’ve been trying to move to California for so long now, but at the same time I haven’t tried at all. I’ve been slacking making money and finding a job... cause all I’m doing is what I love and that’s photography! I love it! It’s something I’m very passionate about at only 21! Which nowadays is “old” cause so many kids and young teens are making such an impact that it effects us as well. We’re growing up in such a competitive environment where if we’re not famous at this age.. then will we ever become something? If you feel that way, just know YOU’RE something. And YOU’RE a somebody. Love yourself and focus on you! Your goals, your career... anything that you find drive in, DO IT.Much love to all that have supported me and continue to whether you like my photos via IG or verbally tell me in person! I appreciate everyone ❤️
Please spread love and kindness because that’s the best thing you can do! Go help others in need or help your friends and spread the love everywhere!! ”I LOVE MY LIFE”

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Basic Plan

$150 an hour15 edited pictures1 outfit1 Location

Deluxe Plan

$250 for 2 hours20 edited pictures2 outfits1 location

Premium Plan

$550 for 3 hours25-30 edited photos3-4 outfits2-3 locations

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